All tumblr users should use Firefox with GreaseMonkey.

All tumblr users should use Firefox with GreaseMonkey.

and install below scripts.

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$ pinned-node | tumblr.reblog


$ pinned-node | reverse | tumblr.reblog


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Tumblr Dashboard Big Photos CSS. Write this code in Firefox “userContent.css” file.

[id^="small_photo_"] {
    display: none;
[id^="big_photo_"] {
    display: inline !important;

And "followers" tools


It's really cool. pls check it out. And I want to add Tombloo to this list.

Tombloo is the easiest tool to post web stuff to your tumblr. You only need to right click on the stuff and choose "share - ***" menu from the context menu. Then the post will be uploaded. and it's done!

If you have interest to tombloo, please click following link and install tombloo.

I think tombloo is ten times faster than tumblr's bookmarklet. It deserves to restart firefox once at least. :)

* If you want to edit your post, click "share - ***" with press down ctrl key. Then a new tab will open and you can edit the post as same as tumblr's bookmarklet.



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